It is good to commit oneself to
environmentalism, it is even
better to practice the same by
an engagement well exceeding
defaults. This is why we are not
only confessing ourselves to the
worldwide Responsible Care
initiative for preemptive protection
of the environment, but are also
acting accordingly.It is all about
prevention which already starts
with planning, development and
production of our products with
environmental friendliness and
protection of resources being of
top priority. Following our motto:
Prevention will override reduction
which itself will override recycling.
This concerns raw materials,
production methods, product
packaging, transport and especially
product application.

Based on consistent investments
in Research & Development
we are well represented with
subsidiaries in UK, France and
Poland as well as a global area
network of co-operation and
distribution partners in more than
100 countries. Due to ground-
breaking innovations, premium
product quality and substantial
services we are offering
competent and market-compliant
solutions e.g. in the field of
imaging technologies.

Other business areas of Tetenal Europe GmbH